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          1. We make games that change lives. We are Camelot.

            Every week National Lottery players raise, on average, around?£30 million for?Good Causes

            Camelot is a fast-moving games business known?for one of the UK’s best-loved consumer brands: The?National Lottery.

            95%Amount of revenue The National Lottery gives back to winners and society.

            200Average number of National Lottery grants in every UK postcode district.

            5,350Number of National Lottery millionaires created to date.

            But don't just take our word for it

            Take Stewart's, or Natalie's, or Kirsty's mum's...


            We take our games seriously

            We don’t just measure success by the numbers – we measure it by how we go about our business. We’re internationally recognised for selling lottery tickets responsibly.?

            How we promote responsible play

            A life-changing place to do life-changing work

            Come join a company that marries playfulness with purpose. You’ll grow as we do.

            Digital Product Manager

            There are more than 11 million registered digital players of The National Lottery. That's a lot of customer journeys for our players to work through...

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            Campaign Planning Manager

            A great opportunity for someone to project manage the whole portfolio of campaigns in the consumer communication plan. Including The National Lottery, Lotto...

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            Marketing Optimisation Manager

            With one of the top 20 media spend budgets in the UK, the Marketing Optimisation Manager role at Camelot could offer you scope to make a huge difference for one of the nation's best loved brands...

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